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The Most Romantic Place on Earth

If you were to imagine the perfect romantic setting, what would it include? Panoramic sunsets over majestic oceans might be one element. A bottle of fine wine and some gourmet Italian food would definitely enhance the setting. Perhaps a seafood dish made from the catch of the day? Take all of these elements and combine them with the ambiance that comes only in a tropical paradise like Cabo San Lucas, and you have Sunset da Mona Lisa Restaurant.

Sunset da Mona Lisa is one of the scenic view Cabo Bay provides while you're dining is a vision that you'll want to capture on film but hold inside you as the years go by. Moments like these are precious and rare, experiences that should be savored. We provide the setting where you can do that.

Out of all the restaurants in Cabo, we employ the highest caliber of chefs and serve the finest quality gourmet Italian food. Every entrée is created from fresh ingredients that are brought in daily to ensure you get the richest flavors and most tantalizing aromas while you're dining. In a romantic venue like ours, all of your senses will be engaged. We make sure that the tastes, smells, sounds, sights, and creature comforts we make available to you are always the very best we can possibly provide.

Don't Forget to Visit Our Sunset Point Lounge

If you thought the scenic view of Cabo was stunning from our restaurant, take a stroll over to the Sunset Point Wine and Pizza Lounge. This indoor/outdoor setting is designed for the type of relaxation you can only get while visiting Baja. You'll find yourself hypnotized by the colors of the sunset over the Pacific if you come at the right time and you will find, like most of our guests, that you have no desire to ever leave a location that is this comfortable and also considered one of the best restaurants in Cabo.

The atmosphere at Sunset Point is one of the most relaxed you will ever experience. The chef, Salvatore Messina, is world-renowned and makes the finest pizza on the West Coast. We've even been told its better than anything you'll find in the pizza Mecca's of New York and Chicago. Come on in and let our Sommelier Sabrina Sanchez guide you through our menu selections and choices of fine wines that go with them. We have over one hundred forty varieties from the best wineries and vineyards around the world

Have Your Wedding in Cabo at Sunset da Mona Lisa

The finest wedding location Cabo can provide you is right here at Sunset da Mona Lisa. You'll want to call us early for a reservation because our facilities are in high demand, but, if you want to have your ceremony with a spectacular scenic view of Cabo in the background, our Sunset Point Lounge is your best option. We can do the wedding outdoors in the warm Baja weather and then move indoors for a gourmet Italian meal and some dancing throughout the night. Your wedding will be one that will be remembered and spoken about for decades.

There is nothing quite as romantic as a wedding in Cabo. Our staff and owners understand that and take all of those extra steps to make sure you're satisfied in every way imaginable. The restaurant setting and scenic views give you the environment you're looking for, but our people add the ambiance to make sure it's special. We've been doing weddings for years and every one of them has been unique and special in its own way. You can count on us to gives yours our undivided attention and dedication.

Have Even More Fun doing Some Fishing in Cabo

Whether you're having a wedding in Cabo or just visiting for dinner and a romantic evening by the sea, you'll want to check out our Mona Lisa Charters for some fishing. Take in the scenic view of Cabo while you're cruising out into open waters and again when you're coasting back in with a few fresh fish caught while having some fun at sea. Our captains have been fishing in Cabo for years and they know where to go to catch the big ones. Make it a point to try it out as a family, as a couple, or as entertainment for your wedding party.

Our captains at Mona Lisa Charters are also available for sport fishing charters and tournament fishing. They have more time fishing in Cabo than anyone else in the area and have collected tournament trophies of their own. Ask anyone in Puerto Los Cabos or Palmillaknow and they will tell you that our boats and the men who captain them give you the best chance of winning if you're entering a tournament anywhere in the region. We also offer spearfishing trips if you want to try something even more exciting.

Sunset da Mona Lisa Offers the Total Package

Here at Sunset da Mona Lisa we offer the total package. Our establishment is considered one of the best restaurants in Cabo, we have one of the most scenic views Cabo has to offer, and we're the top choice for those wishing to have their wedding in Cabo. We even provide fishing in Cabo for those looking to do something with their time during the day. Come to Sunset da Mona Lisa and Sunset Point Lounge for gourmet food, fine wine, and breathtaking views. Once you've soaked it all up, take those memories home with you and tell all your friends that you visited the most romantic place on earth.